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Photo Stock Files -- © Larry Larsen

Website visitors and customers can search or browse my images at Alamy, a stock photo agency, in an exclusive area. Simply click on the link below and you will arrive at the Larry Larsen image page where you can search, browse, purchase and download images 24/7.

a_K2AoNangLOi_1 Link to Alamy Photo Stock Files

These images are also available for sales to publications and agencies. Please contact us for details.

Larry's Personal Photo Stock Listings
Include a variety of digital images (and in some cases, slides) as specified below. Please contact us directly for information. 

Geographic Categories

Caribbean Islands 
Anguilla (GTS)
Aruba (GTS, fish) *
Barbados (GTS)
Bahamas, Abaco Is. (GTS, fish)
Bahamas, Bimini Is. (GTS, fish)

(GTS) = General Travel Scenics (places, beaches, mountains, landmarks, resorts, people, water sports and other outdoor activities and vistas)

(Fish) = A variety of fishing shots including multiple (popular) fresh and/or saltwater species (both generic and place-specific)

Digital Format except:
* = slide files only

Bahamas (GTS, fish) *
Bonaire (GTS, fish) *
British Virgin Islands, most (GTS, fish) 
Cayman, Grand, Brac & Little (GTS, fish) *
Cozumel (GTS, fish) *
Curacao (GTS, fish)*
Dominican Republic (GTS, fish)
Grenada (GTS, fish) 
Guadeloupe FWI (GTS, fish) *
Jamaica (GTS, fish) *
Los Roques, Vene. (GTS, fish) *
Martinique, FWI (GTS, fish) *
Nevis (GTS, fish)
St. Barts, FWI (GTS) *
St. Kitts, (GTS, fish)
St. Lucia (GTS, fish)
St. Maarten, Dutch (GTS)*
St. Martin, FWI (GTS) *
St. Vincent & Young Is. (GTS) *
Tobago, T&T (GTS, fish) *
Turks & Caicos, Provo & others (GTS, fish)
U.S.V.I., St. Thomas (GTS, fish)
U.S.V.I., St. John, St. Croix (GTS, fish)

Central America
Belize, Cayes, Punta Gorda (GTS, fish)
Costa Rica (GTS, fish) *
Guatemala (GTS, fish)
Mexico, Cancun (GTS, fish)
Mexico, interior (GTS, fish)
Mexico, Mazatlan (GTS, fish)
Mexico, Riviera Maya (GTS, fish)
Mexico, Veracruz (GTS, tarpon)
Panama (GTS, fish) *

South America
Argentina (GTS, fish)
Brazil, Amazon Basin various areas (GTS, fish)
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro/Sauipe (GTS)
Chile (GTS, fish)
Colombia, Bogota (GTS)
Colombia, Rio Bita (Fish, snake)
Falkland Islands (GTS)
Peru, Iquitos (GTS, fish) *
Venezuela, (GTS, fish) *

Pacific Ocean Islands
Australia, Northern Territory (GTS, Baramundi, other fish/animals)
Fiji Isl. (GTS, fish)
Hawaii, all Is. (GTS, fish) *
New Zealand, North Island (GTS, fish)
New Zealand, South Island (GTS)
Palau, Micronesia (GTS)
Tahiti Islands (GTS) *
Thailand, Bangkok & Isl. (GTS)
Yap Micronesia (GTS)

European/African Continent
Greece (GTS)
Italy (GTS)
Malta (GTS)
Spain (GTS)
Turkey (GTS)
Sweden (GTS, fish) *
Switzerland (GTS)
United Arab Emirates, Dubai (GTS)

United States/North America
Alaska (GTS, halibut)*
Canada, Central (GTS, walleye, bass)
Canada, West (GTS, trout, pike, wildlife)
Most US States (GTS, fish)


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