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Celebrity Eclipse To Norway & Iceland - A World-Class Cruise Experience - We select cruise itineraries based on which ship we can take. Yes, the itinerary .. >>READ IT!


Cruising Mediterranean on Celebrity's Solstice - Any destination can be enhanced (or marred) by the type of cruise ship that you may select as your "home" during the itinerary. When we chose the 12-Day Mediterranean cruise, much of our decision was based on ..>> READ IT!


Grandeur of the Seas "Bug" - A good bug? Usually that is a "dead bug", but it this case, the definition means an "inspiration"... >> READ IT!

Wyhdham Sugar Bay

Celebrity's Constellation - Caribbean Class Selecting the new Constellation for a Caribbean cruise is a "no-brainer." You are guaranteed great service, amenities and facilities on a ship that recently had yet to celebrate its first anniversary. >> READ IT!

Alaska Glacier - Larsen's Adventure Travel magazine

Cruise Diary From Alaska - Is there a better way for a couple of  Floridians to experience Alaska for the first time than on a luxurious cruise ship?  We don't believe so.  The memories along the Inside ... >> READ IT!

Garibaldi Pass photo by Larry Larsen

Cape Horn, Glaciers, Trout & Penguins - Tracing the path of Magellan through hurricane (Force 12) winds on the most dangerous seas in the world around the  desolate of southern tip of South America is not easily forgotten...  >> READ IT!

Moorea, Tahiti photo by Larry Larsen

Cruising French Polynesia - Exotic Tahiti lies in the Society Islands about halfway between Australia and Los Angeles.  The island was the point of debarkation for our cruise on Radisson Seven Seas' Paul Gauguin. >> READ IT! 

Carnival Fantasy Casino

Cruising the Mexican Riviera and Bahamas - When I get assigned to review cruises to the Mexican Riviera and the Bahamas all within the same month, I make that sacrifice and do it.  I know, it's a tough job.  But what can I do?  >> READ IT!



St. Kitts Fishing - Trolling for a Wahoo Moment - Sportfishing off the coast of St. Kitts can be productive, as I found out during my recent trip aboard the charter boat .. >> READ IT!


Diving Walls in Turks & Caicos - Sharks, rays and "glory" scuba days are possible in this area of the Caribbean. The Turks & Caicos Islands offer just such an experience, as...>>READ IT!


Punta Cana Offshore Action - Our group of six met our boat's mate, Emanuel on the beach...>> READ IT!


Caribbean's Hottest Spot? - The "happening spot" in the Caribbean today? One of the picks has to be...>> READ IT!


Bahamas Flats Marsh Bones Part I - The cloud cover hung low and dark thunderheads on the eastern horizon were ominous. It had rained... >> READ IT!

Bahamas bonefish guide

Bahamas Flats Marsh Bones Part II - The shallow area that Jody fishes is comprised of a bunch of little marls or marsh spits... >> READ IT!

Lobster boat

Anguilla Photo Essay - We are often unable to showcase all the beautiful scenic photography from some of our favorite destinations. A picture is worth..>> READ IT!


MoBay Inclusive - Jamaica Revisited - Those of us who haven't visited this beautiful island in 8 or 10 years will see...>>READ IT!

Ocean Club West Restaurant

Provo's Paradise Perfected - For years, the Turks and Caicos Islands received attention only from fishermen, divers and beachgoers. The little known getaway destination had few other activities...>> READ IT!

Nevis beach

Not to Miss Off Nevis - Diving Opportunities - Nevis, located in the northeastern Leeward Islands, south of St. Martin and north of Guadeloupe, is a beautiful mountainous island with rainforest and nice beaches. This area of the Caribbean...>> READ IT!

Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos Backbay Bones - A tiny country consisting of 30 small islands and practically unknown as a travel destination, lies snuggled into the southeast corner of the Bahamas.  They are practically unknown as a travel ..>>READ IT!

Beach Beauty in St John

St John Skies, Depths & Mountains - Like the TV commercial, I was screaming when the parasail thrust me skyward from my comfortable position on the fantail platform at the boat's stern. And, like the commercial...  >> READ IT!

St Thomas Waterfront

St Thomas - Still A Great Tropical Getaway - Give me a "painkiller"!  No, not something for a headache, I'm asking for the popular drink that you can find at nearly every watering hole in the U.S.V.I! And no matter  ...  >> READ IT!

Trunk Bay

St John - A Day on the Beach - Trunk Bay, rightly called one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world, lay below us in a picture postcard setting. Our perch at a North Shore Road overlook above the world famous beach was just one...   >> READ IT!


St Lucia's Deep Sea Attractions  - There is no prettier place in the Caribbean to fish or dive than St. Lucia. The colorful coral reefs lie all along the edge of the island and drop quickly into a thousand feet or more of bluewater...  >> READ IT!

Trekking St Lucia

St Lucia - Island Hiking In The Caribbean -  For energetic travelers who can't sit still on the beach, St Lucia's rugged terrain and scenic trails beckon. It is perhaps the best soft adventure destination in the Caribbean. Called the Emerald Isle ... >> READ IT!

St. Maarten Sailing photo by Larry Larsen

St. Maarten's Deep Sea Action - Bluewater anglers on St. Maarten are more used to catching marlin than sailfish, but once in a while surprises come along. Just a couple of years ago, for example, they experienced historic sailfish activity.  Discovering such a fishery ...   >> READ IT!

Bitter End Villa

Catch the Wind, a Fish, or Aquatic View at the Bitter End   There is no prettier place in the Caribbean than the island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. The tall hills break a flat horizon, and the turquoise waters are beautiful... >> READ IT!

Anguilla Beach - Larsen's Adventure Travel magazine

Anguilla's Pristine Hideaways - Throughout the warm Caribbean and Atlantic waters to the south of Florida lie some of the best island resort destinations in the world.  It's impossible to visit them all, but I am fortunate enough to get around to some of the very best sun-drenched spots.  >> READ IT!

Dominican Republic Beach photo by Larry Larsen

Dominican Republic Outdoors - "He's on," shouted my fishing partner David Jones, as he hung on to a bouncing rod. Our guide shifted the outboard into neutral, as I started to reel in my bait.  The guide motioned for me to leave my trolled bait out behind the boat, which I did.  >> READ IT!

BVI Marina photo by Larry Larsen

Fat Lady's Marlin - The owners, captains and anglers aboard the nine sportfishing yachts moored quietly at the small Biras Creek marina were concerned.  The following day was the first of an international billfish tournament, and they were being forced by ...  >> READ IT!

Blue Marlin photo by Larry Larsen, Larsen's Adventure Travel

Aruba's Active Aquatic Areas - Beautiful Aruba offers outdoor enthusiasts plenty of adventure, as I confirmed on a recent trip to the island that lies in the southern Caribbean just 2 1/2 hours from Miami via American Airlines ...  >> READ IT!

Central/South America


Amazon Jungle Jackpot - Schools of peacock bass are accessible to the explorers that reach the hidden rainforest lagoons. The big peacock bass that snapped up my white, 5/8 ounce jig powered off ..>>READ IT!


Explore the Amazon via Mobile App - Want to know more about the unique environments and qualities of the Amazon Basin ...>> READ IT!

Riu Palace

Riu Palace Costa Rica - Costa Rica has long been a popular destination for travelers who want a safe, yet..>>READ IT!


Riviera Maya's Cenotes &Tres Rios - Riviera Maya, on the Yucatan Peninsula adjacent to the longest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere, sits on a cavernous limestone shelf that has an elevation of only 150 feet above sea level...>> READ IT!


Tulum and Coba -  The Riviera Maya region on the Yucatan coastline was an important religious and commercial center for the ancient Maya civilization from 1000 to 1550 BC. Today, this area an hour south of Cancun has 51 all-inclusive resorts... >> READ IT!


Xcaret, Xplor & Xel-Ha - From the highway, or even the parking lot, it is easy to underrate all 3 of the main "Activity-Fun" Tourist Attractions that lie just 35 miles south of Cancun in Mexico's Rivieera Maya. My perception of... >> READ IT!


Rio Secreto - Swim in an "all-underground" attraction through prehistoric flooded caverns and come face to face with beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations along the "secret" river. Structures in the cave are beautiful and ... >> READ IT!


Riviera Maya Offshore Trolling - When we cleared Captain Rick's Fishing Center marina and the Puerto Aventuras Inlet, angling friends John Roberts and Andy Beltran helped the mates set up our spread of 7 rigs off the 48-foot Viking sportfishing yach ... >> READ IT!


Laguna Boca Paila 'Permit' For Bonefish Action - I won't say it's easy to boat a half dozen bonefish, a nice permit and about 20 other fish of 5 to 7 species in Laguna Boca Paila, but it is not difficult. My recent trip to Mexico's Riviera ...>> READ IT!


Chichen Itza and Cenote Dip - There's a reason this continues to be one of the most popular ruins to be visited in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. It doesn't take much imagination to visualize the size and complexity of the Mayan ...>>READ IT!


Barcelo Maya Palace Shines in the Riviera Maya - In this economy, getting the most bang for your buck is a key ingredient in most travel choices, and ...>>READ IT!

Machaca Lobby

Belize Calls of the Wild at Machaca Hill Lodge - This first class rainforest canopy lodge is the ultimate all inclusive eco-retreat lodge...>>READ IT!


Rainforest Ruins of Southern Belize - Lubaantun and Lim Ni Punit offer glimpses into the Mayans >> READ IT!


Latin American Angling Destinations - Several unique "finds" exist in Latin American areas that are not overly commercialized or promoted.  Here are three of those...>>READ IT!

Jumping Marlin

Sails, Roosters and Crocodiles - The roosterfish weren't feeding well on the deep, rocky reef...>>READ IT!

San Pedro

Cayo Espanto - Belize's Best Kept Secret - Forget everything you believe about first class service and scrumptious food..>> READ IT!

Boats anchored at snorkeling site

Belize's Barrier Reef Receptions - As soon as we jumped in, it was obvious that Hol Chan was no typical snorkeling site..>>READ IT!

Family of fishermen

High Water and Giant Peacock Bass on the Rio Negro - The water was high, but we were chunking. It was day one when we checked in at the Indian Village...>>READ IT!

Jack Goldsmith

Brazil's Productive, Pretty Rio Preto - My rod tip was instantaneously jerked to the water's surface before I could set the hook. I hung on as the fish blasted off toward the brush on the near point   ... READ IT!


Lake Huites Mexico Rocks! - I lofted my crankbait about 30 yards ahead and made three rotations of the handle when lure bounced off the rocky bottom structure. The big largemouth slammed the...READ IT!

Hyatt Regency Santiago

Scenic Chile Unfolds at Santiago - Chile lies along the Pacific coast in the southern part of South America.  It is bordered on the east by the Andes Mountains, on the North by the Atacama Desert and ...>> READ IT!


Chile's Lakes Regions Passions and Activities - The Lakes Region of Chile is perhaps the most beautiful area in the world. The town of Puerto Montt is the access point to this wonderful countryside and Lago Llanquihue, pronounced, "Yan Kee Way"...>>READ IT!


Chile's World Class Yan Kee Way Lodge - In the middle of nowhere.  Best value for your dollar. Culturally and environmentally beautiful. Safe and easy to visit. There are many more descriptive phrases for Yan Kee Way Lodge in Southern Chile. Bottom line, you.. >> READ IT!

My largest largemouth - 9 pounds

Bass with an Attitude- Anglers Inn and Lake El Salto are a Must for Bass Fishermen and Women! Bass here have developed a real attitude, and when they're hot.. >> READ IT!

Gamboa Lobby

Panama Jungle Paradise - Gamboa Rainforest Resort. you think of traveling to a resort located in the middle of a national park, your preconceived notion might be of a rustic setting, limited amenities and an even more limited menu...>>READ IT!

Dugout Canoes

Two "Panama Wonders" Tours - Two of the most interesting tours in Panama include the "Eighth Wonder of the World", as they call the Panama Canal, and a visit to one of the Rainforest Jungle Indian Tribes...>>READ IT!

Unini habitat

Goin' Soft for Unini's Peacock Bass - It had been one of those long hard fishing days, where perhaps 800 casts of the large topwater plug resulted in just two fish. Light rain off and on, higher water than prime, and a dense cloud cover ...  >> READ IT!

Jufari peacock

Jumpin' Jufari's Peacock Bass - We motored upriver about an hour from the floating barge tent camp, past numerous likely lagoons, past the Rio Preta and on up the shallow runs of the Rio Jufari. We moved through the twisting, ...   >> READ IT!

Sauipe Marriott Resort - Larsen's Adventure Travel magazine

Sun-Drenched Sauipe Destined for Stardom - Brazil's new Costa do Sauipe resort area has it all: golf, beach, saunas, water sports complex, tennis, security, great resorts, restaurants, nearby activities such as jeep tours, whitewater ...  >> READ IT!

Nhamunda peacock bass fishing - Larsen's Adventure Travel

Exploring Brazil's Nhamunda River - We fought off spider webs, clinging vines, sharp broken tree limbs and a few bugs as we slowly paddled through the overgrown creek. The 20 minute expedition through the almost inaccessible creek...  >> READ IT!

Voyager angler

Brazil's Voyager - Peacock Bass Fishing Adventures!  The spot was ideal for big peacock bass. A brushy, quick-dropping right-angle point bordered it on the right. On the left about 40 feet from the point were several giant, flooded hardwood trees ...  >> READ IT!


Brazil's Unini Racing Peacock Bass - My cast was like the previous 200 -- medium distance to a spot some 20 to 30 feet off the closest sandbar bank. And like many before that morning in Lago Piraracu, I expected the big strike...   >> READ IT!

Unini Peacock

Uproar on the Unini River  - I lofted my giant Amazon Ripper toward the laydown just off the near shore of the narrow lagoon. The plug was mid-way toward its landing when a big fish blew up the water's surface some 100 yards away as it chased 3/4 pound baitfish against  ...  >> READ IT!

Peacock Bass Fishing - Catch and Release

Amazon's Isolated Xeriuini River Monsters - It was a typical explosive moment. My lobbed plug hitting the surface of the water seemed to set off the detonation. I leaned back hard on the rod as the giant peacock bass blasted off  ...   >> READ IT!


Excitement In The Amazon - The peacock bass by nature is aggressive and its personality is downright belligerent.  It is a fish so powerful that it can destroy tackle, straighten hooks and tear the hardware right out of hardwood and plastic baits ...   >> READ IT!

Peru Amazon Paiche Fish - Larsen's Adventure Travel magazine

Playing with Peruvian Peacocks - The water ripping down a narrow 100 yard long ditch was a  muddy turbulence falling into the upper Amazon. The drop of about eight feet created perhaps Peru's only whitewater on the plains of the massive river basin.  The tumbling water ...  >> READ IT!


Deer by road

Jasper National Park - We wanted to do and see it all. But we only had a few days in Jasper National Park, the largest park in the Canadian Rockies...>> READ IT!

Horseback riding

Jasper Township - In the Middle of the Rockies - The town of Jasper, located inside Canada's Jasper National Park, grows from a population of 5,000 to over 15,000... READ IT!

Via Rail Scenics

Via Rail - A New Perspective on Canadian Travel - Train travel is certainly not common for most Americans. In our rush to get there, we prefer to fly whenever possible...READ IT!

cable car

Quebec's Beautiful Beaupre Coast - The Canadian Province of Quebec includes the cosmopolitan city of Montreal and the cradle of French civilization in North America - Quebec City...>> READ IT!


Lake Taupo scenic view

The North Island's Grand Lake Taupo region - Roaring down a raging river in a jet boat, fishing for shrimp.. >> READ IT!

Michael on the river

Tantalizing Taupo Region Trout - Our 4-wheel drive vehicle bounced along the single-lane dirt road …>>READ IT!

Mount Cook National Park

Mount Cook on the South Island - The terrain from Christchurch southeast through the Mackenzie Basin to Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook is some of the prettiest, rolling countryside…>>READ IT!

nature trail

Wellington Outdoors - New Zealand's capital, Wellington, and its surrounding area offer a lot to visitors …>>READ IT!

Jim Gosman

New Zealand Guide Jim Gosman - One of the most enjoyable aspects of fishing in other countries is meeting fishing guides. My guide in New Zealand…>>READ IT!

Pearl South Pacific Golf

Fiji Viti Levu "Bula" Touring - There is one thing you surely realize when you arrive in Fiji and that is that the people there are friendly. Fijian hospitality starts off >> READ IT!

Fiji Sunset

Fiji Tours - Fire Walking, River Safari - The dual engine jet boat heaved sideways in the sharp turn wetting the passengers  … on purpose of course>>READ IT!

Fiji Musket Cove

Fiji Fishing Action – Mamanuca Islands - Just west of Nadi off the main island of Viti Levu lie 14 islands or more in the Mamanuca group, and fishing off them >>READ IT!

Berj Al Arab Hotel Suite

Luxurious Adventure at Dubai's Burj Al Arab - In my travels over the years I've been met upon arrival, but I've never before arrived at a facility that had 25 butlers and ...>>READ IT!


Krabi & Ko Lanta - Thailand's Hidden Paradise - The lush Krabi Province in Thailand is filled with..>>READ IT!


Tropical Koh Samui – Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand and part of its largest Southern Province, Suratthani. There are plenty of interesting sites in the unspoiled...>> READ IT!

Kona Beach

Hawaii's' Kona Coast for Marlin - Stable weather, protected fishing grounds, bait-intensive Japanese currents and productive underwater ledges are a few of the reasons for Hawaii's Kona Coast reputation...>>READ IT!

Australia cape

Catch Cape Don's Dinner Variety - Let's see. What do I want for dinner tonight? Coral trout, golden snapper, barramundi, Spanish mackerel, blue salmon,  or how about tuna? How about mud crab for an appetizer?" The choices are those and more at Cape Don Lodge ...  >> READ IT!