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Editor in Chief - Larry Larsen                  Managing Editor - Lilliam Larsen

Fall 2015Fall Issue 2015
Special Italy Edition

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Little Palm Island FL Keys LarsenAdventure Travel Magazine

We visit numerous exotic destinations around the world and the true aspects of our personal experiences are covered in quarterly issues of  Larsen's Adventure Travel Magazine.  Articles include outdoor activities including diving, fishing, exploring, cruising, golfing and touring exotic locations. Additional helpful travel information and tips can be found on Travel Planner's Concierge . Some outstanding destinations are above and beyond expectations and some people perform exceptionally. For FREE personal advice, recommendations and assistance in your travels, contact us. Read our extensive Archive of articles (Domestic and International ) from around the world.

Larry Larsen's Media

You will improve your outdoor skills and enjoyment by reading the variety of books by the nation's top authors all available. Check out our new video Master's Secrets to Peacock Bass Fishing.  Have a question about Larry's writings or video work?  Click here!.  Learn about some of the best books on the outdoors and travel including largemouth bass/freshwater fishing (U.S.), Peacock Bass fishing (South America),  saltwater (N.Caribbean and U.S.) and Florida Regional Fishing, Manatees and Sea Turtles, and special web sales. 

Many of my readers and friends frequently beg to be stowed away in my luggage when Larry Larsen with Golden DoradoI'm headed to another exotic destination on assignment. Check out the Travel/Fishing With Larry page if you are interested in upcoming trips, or to learn of interesting past explorations.

Just in case you are interested in how I got started in this fun, enjoyable career, you can review my Biography/Information. You'll learn of my so-called "accomplishments" in editorial, photography, promotions, and other communication aspects, as well as my assigned travel experiences.  I am proud to say that I am listed in the Fishing Hall of Fame. Throughout the years I've utilized my experience to help many clients and sponsors. The Consulting Services page provides information on how I can help companies, destinations or entrepreneurial projects with the following:  Advisory/Marketing, Writing and Editorial, Promotions/Seminars/Endorsement, Photography/Video Production, Public Relations

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