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The Peacock Bass Library  

PF4 Peacock books

The Peacock Bass Library is a wealth of information that any traveling angler should enjoy.  There's lots of information for sportsmen who may be planning to visit an exotic destination in search of any type of outdoor activity. Also visit the great website http://www.peacockbassassociation.com for all the latest in info on this fish. Check out the contents of the books below.

Peacock Bass enthusiasts can also check out our Peacock Bass Association

PF4 - Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing

1.  Floatplane Jungle Bass On The Cuiuni

  • Giant Rainforest Peacocks Swim Near The Floating Cabin Barges!
  • Fry "Balls" & Piranha Bursts
  • Conquering The Cuiuni Lagoons
  • Post-Rain Maneuvers and Tactics
  • Striking Reasons In Shallow Waters
  • The Mark of A Great Guide
  • Prime Timing, Options and Information

2. Rio Araca "Big Fish" Fly-Outs

  • Fly-Outs, A/C Lodge Comfort and Ever-Changing Action
  • Last Dance, Last Strike
  • Big Fish Week
  • Araca Lodge Life
  • Outposts Postings & Furnished Tackle
  • Clear Water Observatories

3.  Passing Pasimoni's 3-Bar Exam

  • Giant Peacocks Test Angler Skills In Remote Venezuelan Lagoons!
  • Dolphin Pretender's Power Drives
  • Return To The Paciba's "Lago Larry"
  • Alternating Rivers & Camp Comforts
  • Pasimoni's Freight Train #39
  • Timing The Water Levels & Weather
  • Luxury Memories & Length Boat Time

4.  Teeners Galore On The Upper Unini

  • Giant Peacock Bass "Teams" Race For Your Topwater Plug!
  • 30 pounds On One Cast/One Plug
  • Chopper Classes
  • Can't Keep Out Lunker Hunters
  • Who's Counting Or Even Catching Pequenos
  • Productive Preto and Unini Rivers
  • Houseboat Operation & Organization

5.  Black Water Challenge On The Xeriuini

  • Fiery Peacock Action Surrounds The Macaroca and Pacao Lodges!
  • Lunch Time Is Time For Schoolers
  • Good Water And Wet Skies
  • Roraima State's Isolated Waters
  • Teeners, Numbers And A Monster Or Two
  • Variety of Catches and Sightings
  • Comfortable, Classy Lodging

6. Sweet Spots On The Rio Negro

  • First Class Accommodations and Giant Peacock Bass Action!
  • Doubling Up On The Giant River
  • Cutting Through The Jungle
  • Storming Giants And Laydowns
  • Sizeable Season Stats
  • Luxury Lodge And Boats
  • Amazon Tour Community Access

7. Beautiful Mountain Peacock!

  • Wild Waters At Belo Monte Lodge Offer Unique Peacock Species
  • Channeling The Peacock Fishing
  • The Scenic Frecks and 10-Bars
  • Vigorous Variety Values
  • Irregular Shoreline/Active Peacocks
  • Experienced Summer Angling
  • Hilltop Perch With Beautiful View

8.  Uproar On The Unini River

  • Giant Peacocks May Yank You Out Of The Boat!
  • Rod Overboard Action And Reaction
  • Trolling Topwaters For Giants
  • Locating A Monstrous Blackwater "Double"
  • Fishing Tactics For Bubbles And Mid-Lake Haunts
  • Lure Choice And Productive Modification
  • On The Move Camping And Scenery

9. Victorious Voyage Up The Negro

  • Cruise And Fish The Big Black River In Luxury
  • Landing Giants And "Early-Releasing" Them
  • Brushy Mid-Lake Monsters Turn Quick
  • Balls of Fry Tactics
  • Last Shot at Sundown
  • Very Comfortable Night Movements

10. Nexus Exploration Of The Unknown  Nhamunda

  • Small Jon Boats Put Anglers Where Jungle Peacock Are Hiding
  • A Slithering Strike From Overgrown Shoreline
  • The Personal Approach To Remote Waters
  • Coming Back From Rejection
  • Prime Time For 10-Pounders
  • Comfort At The Edge Of The Third World

11.  The Agua Boa's Three-Bar Jackpot

  • Brazilian Bonanza Offers Peacock Bass and Larger Catches!
  • Team Approach & Sight Fishing Giant Peacock
  • Walk-In Lakes Part Of The Topography
  • River Bars And Pools Strategy
  • Diving Baits For Small Lakes
  • Grand Slam Of Peacocks & Others
  • Unusual Sights For "Crocodile Larry"

12.  Amazon's Isolated Xeriuini River Monsters

  • 1,600,000 Areas Of High-Water Biting Peacocks!
  • Ninety Lagoons Including The Cemetery
  • Wild "Wood" Lake Giants
  • Timing The Quick Releases
  • Trophy Tackle Preparation
  • Lodging Life And Logistics

13. Santana Status On The Madeira

  • A Captivating Yacht Cruise and Big Catches
  • High Numbers With Small Lure Tactics
  • Failed Feeding Fish Approach
  • Isolation Strategy Equals Big Fish
  • Comfortable Boats And Knowledgeable Guides
  • First Class Accommodations/Service

14.  the Peacock Bass Association

  • Just When You Thought Books Were Enough!
  • World Peacock Bass Directory
  • "The World of Peacock Bass" Newsletter/eZine
  • Other Membership Benefits


 "PF2 - Peacock Bass & Other Fierce  Exotics"

INTRODUCTION - The Fierce Exotics On Trial

1.   Yachting For Amazon Giants

  • Jungle River Fertility
  • Doubling Up On The "Schoolers"
  • Rio Negro Rock Obstacles
  • Nature's Botanical Garden
  • Iguapos, Paranas & Furos
  • Archipelago Islands & Peacocks
  • Release - A Foreign Concept

2.   Peruvian Headwaters Gold 

  • Consistent Strikes and Catches
  • The Line On Aquahaul Peacocks
  • Vivid, Weird Characteristics
  • Economy and Comfort
  • Native Net Pressure
  • Land-Locked Lagoon Action
  • New and Other Options

3.   Safari Camp Peacocks In The Rainforest

  • The Jungle Awakes
  • Skinny Lagoons & Fat Peacocks
  • Focus On The Bocas
  • Roll Casts On The Fly
  • Camp Comfort
  • The Primitive Outback
  • Giant Butterfly Peacock

4.   Jungle Riverboat Tucunare

  • Exploring The Uatuma Watershed
  • Giants, Numbers and Variety
  • Oxbows and False Channels Galore
  • Dolphin Foraging Reaction
  • Territorial and Feeding Strikes
  • Piranha Myths and Lore

5.   Venezuela Outback Treasures

  • Maintaining A Healthy Fishery
  • Pasimoni and Pasiba Excitement
  • The Ventuari's Rocky, Brown Islands
  • Scurrying Bait & Fatal Attractions
  • Cinaruco River Studies
  • Monseratt Mysteries

6.   Royal Explorations And Records

  • New Locations Daily
  • Fishery and Seasonal Choices
  • Fly Fishing Options
  • Exploration Is Enjoyable Work
  • World Record Peacock
  • Certified Weighing
  • Manaus Tourist Opportunities

7.   Other Amazon Explorations         

  • Fishing East of Manaus, Brazil
  • Fishing West of Manaus, Brazil
  • Off-Limits Waters
  • Peruvian Riverboat Options
  • Guyana's Lukanani With An English Accent
  • Signs of Amazonia Nature
  • Unusual Happenings

8.  Guri Headwaters For Venezuela Combo    

  • Potent Payara Methods For Saba Trees
  • Live Piranha Bait Tactics
  • Peacock - 700, Payara - Bonus!
  • Won't Let Go
  • Float, Rig & Hook Considerations
  • Snap Strategies & Leader Leads

9.   Paragua's World Class Payara

  • Falling For Uraima Salto
  • Guaicinima Tepuy, Rapids & Giant Fish
  • Timing And Luring Monster Payara
  • Boatside Battles & Boat Battles
  • Following Lake Guri Forage Fish
  • Their Menacing, Devilish Appearance
  • Rapid Logistics & Churata Accommodations

10.  Orinoco's Toothsome Giants

  • Raudales, Boulders & Draculas
  • Camello World Record Hook-Up!
  • Sardinata Action At Guahibo Island
  • Exotic Foraging Opportunities
  • Handling The Slasher

11.  Effects of Pressure On The Resource

  • Fishing Different Waters Daily
  • Virgin Baits & The Same Old Ones
  • Fly Away From Pressure
  • Vulnerability - Biologically Speaking
  • Giving Lures Away

12.  Adventures In Latin America

  • Political Problems
  • Plane Predicaments
  • Animal Attacks
  • Camp and River Boat Quandaries
  • Fishing Boat Snags
  • Weather Challenges

13.  Rainbow Bass of Central America

  • The Peacock's Cousin
  • Lake Arenal's Volcanic Fishery
  • Eruptions and Weather
  • Costa Rica/Nicaragua Explorations
  • Tactical Vibrations & Spinners
  • Existing and Future Accommodations

14.  Outfitter Selection and Trip Planning

  • Additional Species, Comparisons and Trade-offs
  • Finding The Booking Agents
  • How To Determine Outfitter Reliability
  • Questions to Ask Before You Send The Deposit
  • Planning The Trip
  • Tackle and Reading Recommendations
  • Basic Information/Special Conditions

     Contact Information, Entry Requirements, Fisheries, Lures
     Sample Pre-Trip Info, Itinerary, Rates & Responsibilities

Peacock Bass Association - For more infoCheck out the new Peacock Bass Association - click on the logo!




"PF3 - Peacock Bass Addiction"

INTRODUCTION - Peacock Bass Addiction

  •      The 12 Step Program
  •      What This Addiction Is All About
  •      The Tempting Thugs
  •      The Booking "Junkies"

1   Rumble In The Roraima Jungle

  • Aggression Beyond Belief
  • Pack-In Escapes
  • Wild Beginnings
  • Name Change Waters
  • The Eyes Watching Us
  • Ecotur Park Lodge
  • Below And Above The Action

2   The Queen's Rites of The Rainforest

  • Big Fish Tally
  • End Of Season Battle
  • Low Water Tactics
  • Amazing Giant Fish Production
  • Spawning Times
  • Sight Fishing Post-Spawners
  • The Rio Negro Lodge

3   Acrobatics On The Rio Sao Benedito

  • World Record Fish
  • Firecracker Dispositions
  • Salto Thaimacu Isolation
  • Accessing The Excitement
  • In Harmony With Nature

4   Clippin' Along With Raw Power

  • Surface Bite
  • Unique Sightings
  • Jawbone Action
  • Dangerous Liaisons
  • Getting There And Set Up
  • The Amazon Is A Big Deal

5   Jufari Hi-Jinks

  • Secrets Revealed
  • Friends Join In The Bounty
  • Jungle Atmosphere
  • Safari Camp
  • On The Move

6   Ventuari Vitals

  • Rockbound Gardening
  • Seasonal Satisfaction
  • Oasis of Comfort
  • Rocky Rollicks

7   Peruvian Treasures

  • Maranon Missions
  • Tiger Tracks
  • Napo Cochas
  • Yavari Yarns
  • Timing The Bite
  • Night Nature Walks/Other Interests

8   The Mysterious Xingu

  • Fifth World Peacocks
  • Multi-Specie Strikes
  • Frontier Settlement Selection
  • "The Land Where No One Walks"
  • A Blastin' Good Time

9   Venezuela's Ranch Land Lakes

  • Timber Testimony
  • Prime Lunker Habitat
  • Birthday Bass
  • Time-Limited Action

10  Worldly Locations For Action

  •      Florida Peacocks Up Close
  •      Hawaii's Hula Peacock
  •      Lago Balbina And Rio Tupana
  •      Other Brazilian Discoveries
  •      Venezuela's Pasimoni Activity
  •      Lake Guri Hangs On

11  Tucurui & Other Northeast Brazil Hotspots

  • Tournament Time
  • Stressing Catch-And-Release
  • Pristine Para State
  • Tucurui & Tributaries
  • Central Amazon Lakes Region
  • Tapajos/Trombetas Tributes

12  Mato Grosso Gold

  • Piraputanga Passions
  • Golden Gospel
  • Peacock Possibilities
  • Water, Water, Everywhere
  • World's Biggest Ecological Sanctuary
  • World's Largest Tournament

13  Battles Won And Lost

  • Catastrophic Cavort
  • Equipment Examinations
  • Line Up For Action
  • Physical Shortcomings
  • Mental Lapses
  • Catch-And-Release

14  Range/Seasonal Movements

  • The Amazon's Rainy Season
  • The Amazon's Dry Season
  • Critical Water Conditions
  • Seasonal Calendar

15  Tackle/Equipment Considerations

  • Luring Thoughts
  • Prime Places
  • Bank On Them
  • Planning Ahead
  • Equipment For The Expedition
  • Travel Tips

16  Top Fly Action Advice

  • Garrett's Brycon
  • The Peacock Deceiver
  • Flash-Tail Whistler
  • Ariramba Fly
  • Optimal Success

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