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Fall 2013Fall Issue 2013 

  • Iceland's Akureyri - Say What? - The small city of Akureyri on Iceland's northern coastline is the country's second cruise ship port, but it boasts some of Iceland's...>>READ IT!
  • Iceland Adventurer - Arni Baldursson, who has signed agreements for permits to over 30 percent of the 120 salmon rivers in Iceland, is often called "Mr. Salmon". Today, ...>> READ IT!
  • Flam, Norway - Scenic Port & Tracks - Tucked way into narrow Aurlandfjord, a tributary of the 127-mile long Songnefjord, is a tiny settlement which receives nearly...>> READ IT!
  • Geirangerfjord -  Norway's Most Scenic - You must, simply must, be awake when your cruise ship enters the mouth of the Geiranger Fjord as the sun comes up.,. >>READ IT!
  • London in a Day..or Two - So many people think of Paris as the European must-see city, but to me, London tops that list. Every time I visit, I see something new and different... >>READ IT!
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 Editor's Note: I visit numerous exotic destinations around the world and the true aspects of my personal experiences are covered in semi-annual issues of  Larsen's Adventure Travel Magazine.  Articles include outdoor activities including diving, fishing, exploring, cruising, golfing and touring exotic locations.

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